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Company introduction

      Macwell Machinery is a professional brand of packing machine which mastering product developing, manufacturing and selling service.

     Beijing Macwell Machinery Co. Ltd. locates in Haidian district, Beijing. Wuhan Macwell Machinery Co. Ltd. is in East lack Hi-tech development zone of Wuhan, Hubei.

       In 20 years, Macwell Machinery has been developing, researching, manufacturing and selling 5000 sets of different kinds of soft pouch packing machines. Our machinery is reputed in China market and exports to over 30 countries of the world.

      After the endeavor of our technicians in various majors and subjects, we have leading position in small pouch packing machines of different packing shapes, such as 3-side sealing, 4-side sealing, pillow (stick) pouch, twin pouch, twin lane packing, multi-lane packing, pre-made pouch packing, etc. . Macwell masters 13 patents of related techniques of packing machine.

      Macwell Machinery are capable of packing liquid, viscid, powder, granular material in various fields, such as food industry, household and personal care industry, pharmacy and chemical industry, Macwell Machinery has gained many national patents.

“Perfect technology:  Reliable partner” is Macwell Machinery’s long lasting value and culture. The enterprise contributes the most advanced and perfect technology in manufacturing, packing and service to our users. We are users’ reliable partnership on the ground of our perfect quality of product and service; progressing and developing together with our users.

      Macwell Machinery gathered with the most talented technicians in small pouch packing of China and equipped rigid managing system and outstanding operating system in the operation and management of the enterprise. Till now, Macwell has utilized ERP system in internal operation and CRM system in customer relations management.

      Beijing Macwell Machinery Co., Ltd. is regarded as Top 200 enterprises of Chinese Packing Industry by Chinese Packing Technique Association.     Wuhan Macwell Machinery Co., Ltd. of manufacturing basis is commented as High-tech Enterprise of Wuhan by Wuhan government.